What the ...?
Tabbed Plaintext, or ttxt (for "tabbed .txt"), is a new text file format, intended for use with multi-tab environments (like Vim). Its primary goal is to allow creation of plain text files with more than one "page" instead of having to save separate files for each "page".

I had the idea while writing a long blog posting and formatting it for two different board systems. I had to work with pseudo-BBcode formatting and search & replace in order to get reasonable results. In fact, I had three different files for almost the same text. I thought there should be a better way, so I invented Tabbed Plaintext.

Basically, it works this way:
A ttxt file consists of one or more chunks of text - "pages" -, separated by custom tokens, and (optional) meta data. A text editor that supports the ttxt format should be able to dig through the file, split the chunks to separate tabs and leave the actual file untouched, so it can still be opened and edited with any non-ttxt capable text editor by adding separators manually.

See the TTXTv1 specs for details.