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The so-called theft of digitally published contents by copying without naming the source is a known annoyance. WP-PasteExtender, a plug-in for the blogging platform WordPress, is meant to fight it by automatically adding a reference to the original page to excerpts copied by the visitors. Formatting of the attached string is entirely configurable.

List of Changes

20120102: (January 2012)
. Fix: HTML code in the string will now be kept
. Change: added versioning to the .js file (fixes caching issues)

20120101: (January 2012)
. first version

Known issues

The code (currently) only works with the WebKit engine, still needs some more development.


The newest version is available here.


A test installation of the plug-in is currently running on https://mtv-hornburg.de. If you want to test it, copy any text from the website and paste it elsewhere, for example into your favorite text editor.


If there are any further questions, feel free to contact me via e-mail: wordpress -at- tuxproject -dot- de.


If you like the WP-PasteExtender and you want to motivate me to continue improving it, the easiest way is using the PayPal button below:

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Whatever you want to do: I say "thank you" for every donation. :-)