Here I provide some Windows Vim binaries, directly taken from its Subversion repository.
All binary files are automatically compiled and archived with Visual Studio 2019 on Windows 10. I also incorporated some manual compiling fixes when necessary (happens every few builds).

Note that I excluded both install.exe and uninstall.exe from my releases. This should mitigate any problems with "security" software (which I advise you to uninstall anyway).

Starting from 7.4.691, I added gvim_noOLE.exe files to both builds which come without OLE support in case you want to carry your Vim on an USB thumbdrive.
My builds are also available via Chocolatey (choco install vim-tux) and Scoop (scoop install vim-tux). Thank you, package maintainers!

Used libraries: Perl 5.32.0, Python 2.7.18, Python 3.9.5, Racket 7.9, Ruby 2.7.2, Lua 5.3.4, Tcl 8.6.7, libXpm.

You'll need to have the appropriate DLL files in your Vim directory or somewhere in your %PATH% to make them work. They're not included.
The list of compiled features is available here.
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.7z archives (you'll need 7-zip or WinRAR to extract them):

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Self-extracting archives:

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Please discuss any bugs you encounter on the Vim-dev mailing list.
Contact me: vim AT tuxproject DOT de.