Create a .reg file to set your default file manager on Windows

Updated March 28, 2021: Fixed the empty page problem.

This script is Open Source.

Using this script, you can easily assign your folders to any file manager, even to those which don't actually support it by default. Two .reg files (compatible with Windows 2000 and newer) will be created, one that associates all folders with your chosen file manager and one that restores the Windows Explorer associations if something went wrong. To apply them, perform a double-click on them.

Note that I can't take any responsibility for possible errors when using the .reg files. Read your favorite file manager's manual if you don't know the exact parameters!

Your generated files will be kept for 3 days.

Any issues occurring or urgently pleading for 9x-compatible .reg files? Please contact me!
.exe file: (ex.: C:\Program Files\xplorer2\xplorer2_UC.exe)
Name of the file manager: (to be shown in context menu; ex.: xplorer²)
Parameters: (see your FM's manual for a list of available parameters)

Available variables for parameters:
%1 • complete path to the folder to open

Assign the file manager to Directories, not to Folders
Experimental: Use this checkbox to keep My Computer, the Bin et al. unchanged.

64-bit Windows
Create .reg files that work on 64-bit Windows systems. (Different registry structure.)

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