The Decision Sieve

Did you ever need to decide about things?


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What is this?

Generally spoken, this is a web service that will help you filter your bucket list. If you have a limited budget or you need to limit your shopping to a certain number of things, the Decision Sieve can help you clean up your list to a reasonable amount. I actually wrote it to decide about which whisky to buy - and it helped me a lot.

So why did you write this as a website instead of a real application?

I needed a fast solution, and my first attempt at writing the Decision Sieve in Delphi took longer than expected. This is an emergency solution until I find the inner calmness required to do it right.

Do you spy me?

Of course not. The sieving logic is exclusively being performed on your machine, no data is transferred back. If you don't trust me, feel free to run the Decision Sieve locally on a web-capable computer without internet access - it is Free Software. Yay!
Note that you'll want to download the Font Awesome JavaScript file and change the references first if you actually intend to cut internet access for it.

How do I use it?