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Here I provide some Windows Vim binaries, directly taken from its Mercurial repository.
All binary files are automatically compiled and archived with Visual Studio 2010 under Windows 8.1.
I also incorporated some manual compiling fixes when necessary (happens every few builds).

Used libraries: Perl 5.18.2, Python 2.7.8, Python 3.4.2, Ruby 2.1.5, Lua 5.2.3, Tcl 8.6.2, libXpm (included).
Note that Lua support is not available on x64 yet.

Latest compiled update: 2014-11-23
What has changed? See the official patch log for a list of changes.
Vim version: 7.4.527

A 7-zip'ed, complete archive of all files listed here is also available:

x86: Click me! · x64: Click me instead!

File/dir. name Last changed File size
/graphics 15. Nov 2014 04:49:37 pm [DIR]
/x64 15. Nov 2014 04:49:37 pm [DIR]
/x86 15. Nov 2014 04:49:38 pm [DIR]

Please discuss any bugs you encounter on the Vim-dev mailing list.
Contact me: vim AT tuxproject DOT de.